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We bring wholesome nutrition to you and your family, while empowering our farmers and communities. We go above & beyond in providing 100% quality and goodness for all, from our farms straight to your family.

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With a lot of care and state of the art technology, we bring you and your family pure & fresh nourishment.

We know how important milk is for you and with our products, you can enjoy the wholesome goodness of milk whenever you want.

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Live Life
to the fullest

Brookside Milk is naturally rich in calcium, vitamins and proteins that we need to strengthen bones, build muscles, nourish children, rejuvenate elders and give us a lifetime of wellbeing.

We are proud to be there for the whole family, every day. From early morning breakfast to the wholesome snack on-the-go, from school break to office meetings and finally unwinding with chai when everyone gets home.


Good nutrition supports an active lifestyle. Full of essential proteins & minerals, Brookside milk gives you the alertness you need to work and the energy you need to play. It fuels your life, your moments and your dreams.

No matter your age or your goals, we are committed to giving you the best so that you can feel energetic, healthy and active.

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Have fun
with milk

We want you to enjoy milk as much as we do. That’s why we keep innovating by combining the natural goodness of milk with the amazing possibilities of food science. The result? A wide range of Nutritious products that delight your taste buds, while retaining the nutritional value of milk- just the way you would want it!

While our milk, cream, butter and pure ghee infuse fun in cooking and dining; our flavoured milk and fruit yoghurt make even on-the-go snacking fun.

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