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Creating Better Communities

We are dedicated to contributing to the improvement of the communities where we work and live engaging in various worthy initiatives to improve people's lives, nurturing tomorrow's dreamers along the way.

Health for all

We are passionate about helping Kenyans live a healthy balanced life, and a healthy outside starts from the inside. To this end, we collaborate with various partners like the medical associations, medical. institutions and also health-care professionals.

Together, we accomplish our objective through a number of programs such as:

Encouraging Sports

Sports participation is very important for our youth not just for physical health benefits but also for learning social skills, team spirit and promoting good mental health.
We take pride in sponsoring the National Brookside Term One Games, which is a secondary school's championship.
Through this initiative we support an array of sports disciplines for both boys and girls which include basketball, netball, rugby, hockey, swimming, cross country and track events.

We have achieved this through:


Establishing an annual sports scholarship program where six students stand a chance to win a fully paid university scholarship to Strathmore University. This also earns them an automatic membership in the university basketball and hockey teams while they pursue their studies.


We have always upgraded the infrastructure of the host schools. Enabling the teams to enjoy playing in good fields and consequently, the host schools acquiring sporting facilities for various sporting disciplines that were previously lacking.


The Brookside Term One Games for Kenyan schools continues to be an avenue for nurturing sports talent. The games offer scouting opportunities for coaches looking for young talent for their clubs. The winners of the term one games qualify to compete against other teams from seven countries during the East Africa Secondary School Games.


Other than sponsoring the school games through the years, Brookside has sponsored two of the biggest soccer teams in the Kenyan Premier League: Gor Mahia and Thika United, under our flagship brands

Empowering minds through Education

Education is the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world. which is why we are committed to nurturing young minds through the "Brookside Mathletes" Programme.

This is a mathematics competition whose objective is to change the perception held by most students that sciences and Mathematics are difficult. This programme creates an opportunity for students to tackle and excel in mathematics in a friendly and enabling environment.

The contests are held in different counties countrywide. Annually over 55,000 students from 825 secondary schools countrywide participate in the Brookside Mathlete Contest.

This contest has a track record of improving academic performance within the host schools and those that participate.

Caring for the

We have invested heavily in tree planting and growing over the years. Owing to this practice the Processing plant is surrounded by a rich bio-diversity which makes the employees enjoy the tranquillity of a natural environment. We pledge our continued support our national goal of ensuring Kenya has more than 10% forest cover .

Social Responsibility, the fun way. Welcome to the Hog Charge

  • It began as an idea. How could we teach our children to be socially responsible and care for the environment? A thrill-filled mountain biking competition to raise money for a worthy cause was the answer.
  • Since its inception in 1999, The Hog Charge has raised funds for The Rhino Ark, a charitable trust with the vision to protect and sustain Kenya’s mountainous forests as well as other threatened wildlife habitats. This is all to conserve Kenya’s most important water source for both communities and ecosystems.
  • Hog Charge participants are school students who register in teams of four (4). Each team is required to pay a minimum registration fee of ksh.24,000 with an option of raising more.
  • To date, over 150 teams have registered for The Hog Charge.
  • During the last event, more than Ksh.50 Million was raised and channeled towards fencing the Aberdare, Eburu, Mt Kenya and Mau Forests.

Conservation and technology

Our Farmers are actively implementing best management practices in areas such as manure storage and application, water quality, energy efficiency and wildlife conservation. These practices reduce the carbon and water footprints of milk production. We also invest in continuing research on practices to help reduce their impact on the environment and improve the sustainability and viability of their farms.

Sustainable farming

Brookside has been on the forefront in building farmers capacity for adaptation to climate change. The company has identified use of renewable energy (biogas) as one of the main areas of focus. The use of biogas has replaced use of charcoal and LPG gas.