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Brookside Dairy Limited is firmly committed to being the market leader in East and Central Africa for milk and milk products, and to be the benchmark company in the industry.

Brookside Dairy Limited operations are focused in the manufacture of milk and milk products. It shall lead the market in terms of quality and performance of its products and customer service.

Our journey

Inspired by nature as a trusted source of nutrition, Brookside Dairy was born in 1993. At a glance you can see these values captured in our logo: the brook, blue skies, green pastures and. the freshness of nature. Our Brookside vision was to refresh the world of milk in Kenya with a new appreciation for pure healthy delicious milk from farm to table.

From humble beginnings at Sukari farm, Ruiru, we started with only 33 people and an initial capacity of 5000 litres of milk per day. We pursued our dream to bring wholesome goodness of pure farm fresh dairy products to every Kenyan home. With growing customer trust, not only did the demand grow but also our passion to provide and keep innovating healthy and nutritious products for the whole family.

Brookside continues to elevate the dairy industry and has created the largest farmer network in East Africa. To increase the yield as well as milk quality, Brookside offers training and support on modern-day farming and dairy production. We care about growth for our farmers. We care about health for families, our communities and we care for the environment. Today, from small beginnings, we have proudly grown to serve our valuable customers healthy and nutritious dairy products in Kenya, Africa and beyond.

Delighting people
with products

At Brookside, we take immense pleasure in not just satisfying but delighting customers. That's why we are in a constant innovation mode and offering new and exciting dairy products with our trusted seal of quality and freshness.

We constantly invest in research and development of nutritious products which has led to an exciting range of wholesome yoghurts, tasty and fun-flavoured milks keeping the whole family in mind.

Our efforts don't stop there; we aim to delight in the kitchen too. We have added our growing culinary range to fetch compliments for your cooking.


Brookside Dairy Limited was founded and Brookside Farm Fresh milk was launched in Kenya.


Expanded its Dairy product portfolio with Flavoured Yoghurts.

1st farmers field day in Rongai, Nakuru.


Set up a butter manufacturing facility and introduced Brookside Butter, in line with its vision to diversify the product offering.

Expanded the manufacturing line to deliver fresh milk in an iconic 500 ml triangular pack to reach more homes across the country.


Brookside set up Mombasa Milk Depot to keep up with the rising demand for its Farm Fresh Range of Dairy products.

2nd farmers field day.


Brookside brought in state of the art technology to manufacture and deliver high quality UHT Milk meeting global standards.

Brookside launched its Fruit Yoghurt.

Sponsored 1st Brookside Livestock Breeders Show.


Expanded operations beyond Kenya and forays into East Africa with Uganda subsidiary.

Brookside Livestock Breeders Show, 1st Title Sponsors.


Commenced operations in Tanzania to widen East Africa presence.

Opened our 1st collection centre - Eldoret.


Brookside launched its School Programme and deepening its commitment to the community beyond products.

Held the 1st Dairy Training Course.

Brookside Livestock Breeders Show, 2nd Time Sponsors.


Secondary School Term One Games were intiated in schools across the country to support emerging sporting talent.


Crossed the 100,000 litre daily production capacity in Kenya, a big feat from its humble beginnings.

Brookside Livestock Breeders Show, 3rd Title Sponsors.


Introduced a new multi- layered pack to the long life milk portfolio to enhance convenient storage, safety and hygiene.


Brookside Livestock Breeders Show, 4th Time Sponsors.8th Title Sponsors for Brook


Brookside became the largest dairy proccesor in East Africa with a daily production capacity of over 500,000 litres.

Brookside Livestock Breeders Show, 5th Title Sponsors.


Brookside Livestock Breeders Show, 6th Title Sponsors.                                                                                                         


Brookside Livestock Breeders Show, 7th Title Sponsors.


Brookside partners with Danone to accelerate growth in the dairy industry.                                                               


Commenced operations of its powder milk plant;
to triple daily capacity to 1.5 Million litres.

Established Brookside Mathlete School Scholarship Programme.


Launched the now best-selling, Brookside Dairy Best long life milk.

Brookside Livestock Breeders Show, 8th Title Sponsors.


Energised the Brookside Portfolio with the Dairy Fresh range of flavoured milk.

Introduced the Dairy Fresh Disney range which has yoghurt,flavoured milk and whole milk.                              


Marks its 25th year of operations with refreshed packaging for the Brookside Farm Fresh Range.

18 years of Title Sponsorship for Brookside Livestock Breeders Show.
First Farmers Bonus Award.


2nd Farmers Bonus Award.